By combining 9 key services, Platform Settlement Services has developed an informed and seamless settlement experience for your purchasers. How did we perfect this experience? We are project managers and development managers, so through our own involvement in the industry, we know what is important to create a smooth settlement.

From the moment you engage us we work as an extension of your company communicating with purchasers on your behalf and under your company's brand, creating an uninterrupted experience for your purchasers.

We hold ourselves to the highest customer service to continue the exceptional customer journey you began for each purchaser.

Purchaser Communication Management

Our first step is to collate, manage and update your purchaser database. With an intact database, we administrate inbound and outbound purchaser communications.

Our outbound correspondence can include development updates, settlement guides and other information to best prepare purchasers for upcoming milestones. We execute these messages through multiple channels including email, custom built development portal and telephone.

We also have a multilingual team that supports five languages - English, Sinhalese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay.

Finance Broker and Property

We work hard for you and the purchaser to reach settlement, so for local or foreign buyers who may need assistance reaching that goal, we can facilitate finance broker and property management services with one of our preferred partners.

Settlement Risk

We speak with all purchasers one on one, this combined with our in-depth reporting can identify a purchaser’s readiness for settlement including finance approval status. With this insight we can provide the right support early to avoid any defaults.


With a robust purchaser database and regular contact we can provide you with insightful reporting on the progress of individual settlements or on your project as a whole.

Pre-settlement and Defect Inspections

For many purchasers this will be their first new build purchase and the defect inspection can feel foreign. An Open Day is held on site and the bulk of pre-settlement inspections are scheduled and completed during this time. This allows the purchasers access to the whole project including building amenities and the opportunity to meet with the Developer, Settlement Team, Strata and Building Management.

Defect Solutions

We are also uniquely qualified to provide construction investigate and oversight services due to our extended teams experience in successfully completing complex construction projects. Our construction professionals provide defect analysis, project and construction management, construction claims analysis, construction defect analysis, clerk of works services, and building analysis services. We aid our clients in investigating the cause and origin of building defects due to substandard design, construction or material deficiencies.

Key Collection and Post Settlement Service

We manage the logistics of key collection and also any post settlement advice on services such as strata management, building management, moving in and future defects.

Valuation and Pre-settlement Booking Management

We facilitate and manage all valuation and pre-settlement appointments between the builder, you and the purchaser, streamlining the process.

Custom Services

Not all developments are the same, we can tailor a service specific to your needs.

Find out how we can assist your development through the settlement process